With you it is not so bad to be crazy

How to survive in this confusing world?

Coen Blom writes about what he learned in 50 years as a psychiatrist–what works and what doesn’t in direct contact with patients. He reveals what they need to get going again. And all he has learned from them.

He takes us into his office to divulge useful ‘bedside manners’ for psychiatrists and other practitioners. Not sparing himself in the process. After all, a psychiatrist is his own instrument.

In short, readable chapters, Coen takes on the various aspects of this difficult subject.

While the focus seems to be about practitioner and patient, he shows us the vulnerability we all face in trying to survive in this confusing and ambiguous world.

In so doing, Coen provides life tools that can be used by everyone.

Uitgever: MensionTM

Titel: With you it is not so bad to be crazy

Auteur: Coen Blom

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  • ISBN 978 90 77322 628 |Nur 875
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