Tanzania, 2005 Focus on Mental Health


In Tanzania, the importance of noncommunicable diseases, including mental illness, is increasingly apparent.

In our first book we summarizes challenges through a sustainable mental health policy introduced across Tanzania. The country used an integrated approach, combining situation appraisal, integrated mental health policy and planning, mechanisms for sustainable implementation with largely local resources integrated into local systems, monitoring to fine-tune the implementation and a focus on rehabilitation and public education. Tanzania’s commitment to mental health is now sustainedly embedded within its policies, national and local budgets, and training activities.

Uitgever: Mension

Titel: Tanzania, 2005 Focus on Mental Health

Bindwijze: softcover
  • Nederlands
  • 260 pagina’s
  • oktober 2005
  • ISBN 97 89 077 32 20 35
  • Nur code 875
  • € 25.00 
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