Aspects of Mental Health

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Since 2005 Tanzanian and Dutch mental health workers have been meeting in Moshi, Tanzania every year in a symposium, which deals with mental health and health services.
In this annual conference, ‘Focus on Mental Health’, we have been able to bring together a wide range of people, experts, fieldworkers, doctors and nurses, government officials and NGO-workers.
On the occasion of the fifth conference the organizers have decided to publish a book, which reflects the ideas and the emotions of the yearly meeting.
It contains a collection of original articles and reprints of interest to mental health workers in low- and high-income countries alike by providing them with insight in each others way of working.
It covers a variety of aspects of mental health care in low-income countries.
It is meant to be of interest to health workers in many countries.
We hope that you will enjoy this book and share it with many of your colleagues.

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Titel: Aspects of Mental Health

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